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Our Mission The Level UP Youth Outreach Program is dedicated to helping empower students to strive for greatness through working and learning from caring mentors, life changing presentations, and community involvement. Vision To provide a high quality outreach program that helps students become productive citizens in Mississippi County. Level Up is a youth outreach program that exists under Mississippi County Caring Communities. Caring Communities is a non profit organization that focuses on improving the quality of life for children and families in Mississippi County. As an extension, Level UP is designed to provide students with an alternative for living a life succumb to substance abuse, negative peer pressure, alcoholism, and poverty. The program format includes activities that offer support, life skills and recreational activities for students ages 11-18 years, while offering a fun, safe, and supportive environment that will be a critical resource to students, future mentors, and the health of the community. Video Created By: Tony Jones U

Published on 04 September 2016 by wholelifetv

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