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Dream Change Love Summit 2015: Highlights

The Love Summit is an event that brings together the business community and public to explore the missing link in business and sustainability education: love. Hear from top CEOs and world leaders discussing root issues around systemic, social and environmental problems, and the practical application of love in the workplace for advancing business and creating greater economic security for all. Visit www.dreamchange.org for more information. ORGANIZED BY dreamchange.org VIDEO PRODUCTION BY Husbandmen.com CAMERA OPERATORS Daniel Kabouni vimeo.com/kabouni Caleb O’Halloran calebohalloran.com Zipporah Lomax zipporahlomax.com Bobby Gorman husbandmen.com VOLUNTEERS Jessica Wieden Bryan Wieden Stacy Grogan Danielle Moser Kate Wildrick Aaron Courtyard Colene Thomas Kaycie Lopez Jones Deborah Swartz Eduardo Salcido Shane Kalai Jeanette Thomas-Kozinski SPECIAL THANKS TO Dan Wieden John Perkins Pro Photo Supply

Published on 12 May 2016 by Bruce Cryer

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