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The Science of Why the Heart Matters In Business

Bruce Cryer has been called a renaissance man due to a four decade career spanning music, dance, theater, photography, health care, publishing, biotech, peak performance and leadership training. He served as CEO of the renowned HeartMath organization for 11 years, leading its research-based work in the corporate and health care sectors. His new venture, Vybrato, is an integration of his passions for the arts and business. Anders Ferguson is a founding principal of Veris Wealth Partners and leads the company’s strategic marketing and business development. Veris is a registered investment advisor and pioneer in impact investing, serving investors who care as much about investment performance as using their wealth to positively impact society. He is co-founder of the Dalai Lama Fellows and Chair of Friends of Sustainable Oberlin College. Read more about Bruce & Anders at http://dreamchange.org/the-love-summit-2015/speakers/

Published on 12 May 2016 by Bruce Cryer

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Vybrato with Bruce Cryer
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