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About Wholelife Network

Past, present, and Future

Wholelife General-Presentation v2.5 WORKING
Aytopia Inc.
acquired the assets of the Wholelife Expositions and Conferences and has relaunched as the Wholelife Network, a business-to- business collaborative platform with software applications designed to create a one-stop media distribution and monetization resource for business clients.

Wholelife Network is developing a curated digital eco-system for content creators, product innovators and leaders on the new edge of personal and social transformation:

The three pillars for our content creators are:

  • 1. A test Video/Audio/Live-streaming platform to present your media content to a broader audience using Facebook and web syndication and a creative monetization model
  • 2. A powerful E-Commerce Platform representing the best of progressive, green, sustainable, curated products which gives you significant income opportunities
  • 3. A Multimedia Living e-Book app to help get your unique content out elegantly and efficiently to your audience.

Wholelife Network is also developing its own curated and in-house programming around globally relevant topics that consumer and group subscribers can access for ongoing education, inspiration, and empowerment for action.

Our management team and advisors from the baby boomer and millennial generations represent decades of experience in the cultural creative, whole living and spiritual communities, bringing that deep experience and passion for humanity to everything Wholelife Network does

Here on this preview site you can browse a few of our early channels, visit channels featuring speakers from our Wholelife Expos, and you can subscribe to channels you want to follow, rating and commenting on those programs that inspire you.

Soon you will be able to attend live streaming events to experience the intimacy and power of real-time presentations with a global community.

Since the early 80’s Wholelife Expositions and Conferences was the pioneer umbrella brand and leader of the Quality of Life market, producing expositions and conferences across the USA in more than 20 cities for more than three decades.

As may as twenty thousand people would attend each event gathering around best-selling authors, experts, practitioners and hundreds of visionary vendors to socialize, network, shop and learn in a spirit of community and collaboration.

Wholelife Expositions and Conferences produced over one hundred expos, served and connected over 10,000 business clients, including thought leaders, influencers, authors, experts, practitioners, causes and other businesses, and served more than one million attendees.

Contact us if you would like syndicated Wholelife Network content on your website, or to stay informed on opportunities and developments .

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